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BMW Winter Driver Training

BMW Driver Training Yields Canada’s Best Drivers

Practice makes perfect Driving is a skill that takes many years of learning and practice to master. You don’t become a good driver overnight. Experience – both practical and theoretical – is required. Good vision, the proper seating and steering positions are fundamental. Knowledge of vehicle handling and basic physics are a definite asset. A dose of common sense never… Read more →

Tested: 2014 Jaguar F-Type V8 S

Jaguar is bringin’ sexy back! It’s been a while since I’ve driven a Jaguar as good as the 2014 F-Type. In fact, it was the 2008 XKR Coupe. It was brand new at the time, but the model is now on its last legs after its most recent (and probably final) refresh. The XKR’s 420-hp supercharged V8, luxury interior as… Read more →

Tested: Three BMWs put to the test (740Li edition)

Seventh Heaven Any time I get in a new BMW, I’m amazed at how certain things take me back to my childhood and teenage years and my dad’s ’85 735i. From the amber-on-black dash displays to the integrated computing power, everything about it was leagues ahead of everything I knew about cars at the time. Like a boss, I drove… Read more →