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Prologue – Sept 11

Prologue Day The Prologue is an official, unofficial day of racing that gives teams old and new a chance to practice before the official start of the 2011 Targa Newfoundland. Following the mandatory breathalyzer test (we’ll do this every day) the morning began with an all-hands meeting for drivers and co-drivers where organizers discuss regulations, safety procedures, courses notes, changes… Read more →

Registration – Sept 10

Registration Day This morning was an early one; and the final one this week that I’ll leave the hotel in civilian clothing. The three prologue stages begin tomorrow and that means racing suit, Hans device and Peltor helmet. Today was registration day for the 71 teams entered in the 10th anniversary Targa Newfoundland. For this, we all headed to the… Read more →

Bell Island – Sept 9

Time to get real Today was the second and final day of Targa School for Jacques Deshaises and I. For this, we awoke early and drove to Portugal Cove to catch the ferry over to Bell Island in the middle of Conception Bay. Whereas yesterday focused on navigation and getting acquainted with each other in the car, today we drove… Read more →

School is in – Sept 8

(Targa) School is in Flying into St. John’s last night, it was clear why they call this place “The Rock.” The rugged, rocky terrain is broken up (linked together) by massive forests, thousands of tiny lakes and rivers flowing toward the jagged north Atlantic coast line. The postcard towns and tiny fishing villages appear as brightly-shining pearls under a setting… Read more →

2011 Targa Newfoundland coverage

For the past week-and-a-half I have been in Newfoundland, Canada competing in the 2011 Targa Newfoundland. This is a week-long 2,200-kilometre tarmac rally held annually throughout eastern and central portions of the province of Newfoundland. The route is made up of approximately 40 competitive Targa stages where the road is closed to public traffic. The stages are linked by non-competitive… Read more →