A collection of the best online tools, converters and other useful resources I’ve stumbled upon. Please report any broken links.

Automotive Conversions HP to kW and so forth.

Canada 411 Canadian directory assistance online.

The C.I.A. World Factbook Find out things… lots and lots of things. [Twilight Zone music plays to crescendo] Expand your vocabulary.

Engineering-grade conversion calculators As the description says!

Flow rates Pump up the volume and dance.

Fuel economy calculator; is your car fuel efficient?

FxConverter Currency converter for 164 countries.

Gmaps Pedometer Plot routes and more.

How Stuff Works Self explanatory.

Mapcrow Calculate distances between cities and countries.

Percentage change calculator I hate math!

Snopes Rumour has it… Bill Gates is giving away more free cash. ;-P

SuperPages U.S. directory assistance.

The Weather Network Get your weather forecast here.

Time and date International dialing codes and so much more. Forecasts for the U.S. and abroad.

Webopedia A Computer & Internet dictionary.

Wikipedia The free encyclopedia any idiot can edit.

WorldLingo Free foreign language website and text translator.

Google Tips

Here are some ways to use Google. (Note: not all URLs in this post are actual links)

Site Search
__Google can be used to search within a site by typing and then the normal search query. Ex. site: Porsche will look for Porsche on the PRN Ignition website.

Dictionary__Type define: before the word you need defined and Google will find definitions of the word from various online dictionaries. Ex. define: targa returns, “A removable-roof body style popularized by Porsche that is similar to a convertible except that it incorporates a fixed, roll-bar-like structure running from side to side behind the front seats.”

Conversions__To use the conversion function, type in the measurement and units using the words and units you’d like it converted to. Ex: 100 km in miles will covert 100 kilometres into miles.

Calculator__Type the equation you would like solved into the search box to use the calculator.

Links to Site__It can be used to see who is linking to your or any particular website. Type link: before the URL to use this feature. Ex. link: