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2016 VW Golf R Variant | Shaun Keenan for Ignition

Tested: 2016 VW Golf R Variant

Golf R: Check Box for Wagon I test drove a handful of new Golfs during a recent trip to Germany. This 2015 VW Golf R Sportwagen is one of them. My travel cohorts and I each got seat time on and off the autobahns, as well as some interesting secondary roads in between Munich airport and the small, lakeside town… Read more →

Tested: 2015 VW Golf GTI Mk7

Hot Hatch 4 Life! The Golf has long been VW’s bread and butter. More than 30,000,000 of them have been sold since 1974. The first-generation Golf GTI (Mk1 or Mark 1) came a few years later, and was an instant hit upon arriving in European stores in ’76. By the time it came to Canadian showrooms in ’84 – a… Read more →

2010 Volkswagen Golf GTI

Dubbing it in the QC

Last week I was in freezing c-c-c-c-o-old Quebec to test drive the new 2010 VW Golf family. And, after driving up north to Ste. Jovite in a three-door 2.5-litre gas powered model and the new 2-litre turbo clean diesel wagon with DSG auto and tush warming, it was time for some fun and fast laps to get the blood circulating.… Read more →