High-flying in NYC

New York skyline by day
New York sykyline by day

Recently, I traveled to the Big Apple to experience the 2009 Acura TL. Owners of the current TL platform should be happy with the numerous improvements found on this new sport-luxe sedan.

Those in attendance were treated to a sweet birds-eye view of the entire Island of Manhattan and its many landmarks, like old lady Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge and some waterfalls (you read that right), while en route to the cars and breakfast in Danbury, Connecticut.

Forty-five minutes after leaving the 30th street VIP Heliport, our five American Eurocopters (four AS350s and one EC130) touched down at the Patron Highcroft Racing team headquarters. Here, following a marketing and technical briefing on the TL, Mark Hacking, autos editor for Driven magazine, and I put the TL through its paces on roads in Connecticut and New York state.

I must digress; but, I have put together a quick photo gallery of the heli tour and a few snaps of some pretty cool cars on display in and outside of Highcroft Racing’s stunning facility here. These guys, by the way, compete in the American Le Mans Series with an incredible Acura ARX-01B LMP car that’s having a pretty good season thus far.

The team was out racing in the Acura Sports Car Challenge when we stopped by one hot Friday afternoon. Team drivers Scott Sharp and David Brabham eventually placed fourth behind a pair of Audis and a Porsche RS. A week earlier they won a thrilling victory at Lime Rock. It was the team’s second win in 2008 and Acuras first overall win this season.

I’ve put some links below and will hopefully find some time to work on a short video I took during the heli ride. It should be up on youtube soon, so stay tuned for more…

For my driving impressions, photos and more, read the full review – Boy-racer becomes sport-sedan professional – at AutoNet.ca.

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