2010 Lexus IS-F – Check!

A few hours ago, I returned from Kingston (ya mon!) Ontario where I spent a couple of days getting acquainted with some brand new Toyota and Lexus vehicles – 11 of them to be exact. From the “car-of-the-future-now” Prius to the rip-snorting Lexus IS-F, I officially drove the most fuel efficient production vehicle in North America just hours before punching it a few times in the Japanese automaker’s most beastly sedan. It was a very busy and tightly-packed program and I’m pretty beat with more than 18 hours of driving in the past two days (10 of those today) but the gears are already turning and I’ll have some more detailed reviews out there soon, including my first drive in the 2010 Lexus IS 350C. I’ll let you know where and when. Oh, and for my friend the Rajah, I think you should check out the RX450h actually. Everyone else, stay tuned! 😉