2013 Dodge Dart Test

Dart may be poison to compact rivals

I’m in the land of trucks, SUVs and all things big-wheeled for the launch of the all-new 2013 Dodge Dart – the first Chrysler vehicle designed and built under Fiat’s ownership.

This Dart is not similar to or related to the iconic ’60s American muscle car of the same name. In fact, the modern compact sedan is actually related to the European Alfa Romeo Giulietta, which is known for its competent handling and stylish looks instead of balls-out speed and horsepower.

2013 Dodge Dart

Dart is built on a stretched and widened Giulietta package jam-packed with standard features not typically found in this segment. Even the $15,995 SE base model comes with 10 airbags, ABS disc brakes on all four wheels, traction control and on/off electronic stability control, so it should have a significant value advantage straight out of the gate.

Due in summer 2012, Dodge’s sharpest-looking compact sedan ever will compete in the most crowded vehicle segment there is, against the more conventional and popular Civic, Corolla, Cruze, Elantra, Focus and Jetta, to name a few.

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