Wheels on Edge captures Journauto in 911 Turbo S

Just finished writing my Autonet.ca piece on judging the Prestige category at the annual AJAC TestFest this past week. The weather was great for this time of year ( a bit windy at times) and I accomplished what I’d set out to do. That is, to drive some of the most expensive cars money can buy in Canada and drive them hard.

I also met some great people at TestFest, including Rob Davidson, owner of Wheels on Edge, who slapped a sticky camera onto the side of the blue 2011 Porsche 911 Turbo S I was about to take out on the track to for one final wringing-out.

I made it into his own Canadian Car of the Year video, which you can watch below. I’m hoping he’ll send me the whole vid because I was driving it pretty hard and having a ton of fun in the process. I really, really want to see all five laps together as a whole. In the meantime, I’m at 0:22, 1:46 and 3:02.

If you can’t get this to play in Internet Explorer, click this link.

WheelsOnEdge.com is chock full of cool automotive videos, so check ’em out!