Back at Performance Publications

Alas, the day has come. After diving head first in to the automotive freelancing waters some seven-and-a-half years ago, it’s finally time to come back up for some air. I haven’t crossed over to the Dark Side (as in Public Relations), but I have come back to the land of full-time working zombies as the new Group Managing Editor for the Performance Publications Group, publishers of PRN Ignition and Performance Auto & Sound magazines in Toronto.

It’s a pretty big deal and I’m now in charge of a whole lot of editorial content for the mags, their companion Web sites ( and as well as numerous digital projects and custom publications like the 2012 Honda Indy Toronto official souvenir program, for example.

During most of the past decade, I have worked as a freelance contributor to Sun Media writing a bi-weekly tuning lifestyle column called “Mod Squad” and also contributing new OEM car reviews and previews, live auto show coverage, photos and other special features to and other media and communications clients. Prior to this, I was the Senior Editor at Toronto-based Modified and Modified Luxury & Exotics magazines for two-and-a-half years. But, I actually got my start in the automotive media way back when as the Performance Publications Group’s full-time Editor for Performance Auto & Sound several years before that.

This year has a been a roller-coaster ride to say the least. And, since my wife and I are just weeks away from the birth of our first son, things are about to go all inverted, sideways and in reverse all at the same time. Talk about being thrown into several fires at once!

Though challenging and an immense change from my habitual day-to-day freelancing activities, my new work arrangement (effective as of two weeks ago) doesn’t really scare me all that much. Perhaps it’s because I’m an experienced track and road test driver, accomplished Targa Newfoundland Rally co-pilot, award-winning photographer, accredited member of the automotive press and long-standing member of the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada; things will surely fall into place.

On the flip-side, I wouldn’t even know where to begin to tell you what a journey it has been to have a child. My intro article on the 2011 Targa Newfoundland rally delves into it briefly. Suffice to say even the best laid plans can turn awry as I have discovered on the emotional roller-coaster ride my wife Lisa and I have been on since August 2010 when we lost our first unborn child in a freak accident. I digress, but I’ve been busy setting up both my new office and the baby’s nursery at the same time and loving every minute of it.

The challenges ahead of me at work and at home are great, but I welcome them wholeheartedly and promise to always do my best. I’ll continue to update my blog as frequently as possible and, hopefully, there will be a wealth of cool new content to share here too. Stay connected with PRN and PAS on Facebook and don’t forget to follow @prnmag and @pasmag on Twitter for the most up-to-date info.