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Back at Performance Publications

Alas, the day has come. After diving head first in to the automotive freelancing waters some seven-and-a-half years ago, it’s finally time to come back up for some air. I haven’t crossed over to the Dark Side (as in Public Relations), but I have come back to the land of full-time working zombies as the new Group Managing Editor for… Read more →

Cool cards for the holiday season

Some Christmas cards arrive in the mail while others come via email. Mercedes-Benz Canada went the latter route, so I can share it here: Happy Holidays! Hyundai Canada’s card is great too. The white wintery picture on the front breaks up into half-a-dozen gift tags that’ll go nicely with our wrapping paper choice. Anyway, happy holidays to all my family,… Read more →

Hello world!

The front door might say under construction, but I’ve now got WordPress up and running here at It seems this blogging thing is not slowing down anytime soon and, while I’ve been maintaining a blog of sorts over at my other site for some time now, I thought a change in venue would do me some good. I’ve… Read more →