Tested: 2013 McLaren MP4 12C

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Driven: 2013 McLaren MP4 12C - PRNMAG.COM
Driven: 2013 McLaren MP4 12C – PRNMAG.COM

What is it like to drive a $300,000 mid-engine British super car on Canada’s famed Mosport Grand Prix road course at the gorgeous, newly-renovated Canadian Tire Motorsport Park? Well, thanks to our friends at McLaren Toronto (part of the Pfaff Automotive Group), I can unequivocally confirm that it is exhilarating and unlike anything many people are likely to experience.

The car is the McLaren MP4, and the automaker and its only Canadian dealer – at the time of this writing (a new store in Vancouver is set to open this winter) – have teamed up to bring a colourful selection of 2013 McLaren MP4 12C Coupes and Spiders for me to sample at speed on the track.

Just to get into this exclusive car will set one back $258,700 and/or $287,200, respectively. But if you can afford one, you can probably afford two. Start adding performance options like the $15,090 carbon ceramic brake package, $13,120 super lightweight forged wheels and Pirelli Corsa tires, not to mention the up to $33,450 in exterior and interior carbon fibre pieces it can take, and you might also consider selling a kidney on the black market to help fund your obvious addiction to amazing super cars.

As it is, the base MP4 12C now tops my ‘Most expensive cars driven’ list, but not by much. Until now, the ultra-exclusive aluminum-bodied Spyker C8 Spyder I drove in 2006 was selling for around $240,000 USD at the time. The topless McLaren, however, kitted-out with just the aforementioned options blows it out of the water at $348,860. Yet the list of options goes on… and on! Oh, and additional fees may apply.

Is it all worth it?

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