My most coveted ride at TestFest…

TestFest has felt quite compressed this year and there just hasn’t been any quality time for photography or video work. Further complicating things is the fact it rained for all of day two, leaving the Ste.Catharines airport (where the event is held) a muddy bloody mess. Only thing missing is the wrasslin’ because it’s everywhere.

So, while things have been happening quite quickly this year, the first round votes are in and we’ll have some results soon. Car of the Year will be announced at a later date but we will know which whips will be in the running tomorrow.

Here are some shots from day one of my most coveted vehicle–the bigger, bluer brother of my old friend Audi R8–as taken with my Blackberry camera. This one’s got the 5.2L V10 engine and R8 totally ate up our venue’s Top Gear-style test track in the rain like it was bone dry out. The car is just simply amazing!!! Stay tuned for more photos of this dream machine as I broke out the Canon for some glam shots too. I hope you like. (Not bad for a BB, eh?)

There’s also a couple interior pics of the new Porsche Panamera at the end. Also an animal on the track, albeit a strange-looking one.