2554 AMG Transport Dynamics M12 Warthog FAV

Look what I just found in the Forza Autovista garage! Don’t know when or how it got there, but it has me wondering what auto reviews might be like in 500+ years. Maybe something like this:

The 2554 AMG Transport Dynamics M12 Wathog FAV is powered by a 12-litre hydrogen-injected ICE powerplant. In a standard 1G environment, the Warthog has a 490 mile range and 78 mph top speed, no matter the terrain!

The four wheel drive, four wheel steering M12 FAV features a manual shifted transmission and a steering-wheel linked emergency brake that can turn the Hog on a dime.

It comes with 420/60 20-inch nanotube tires that are practically indestructible with reactive tread compounds that provide unearthly traction. Naturally, its 14-inch disc brakes are made from exotic carbon ceramics found only on the planet Sanghelios.

It’s equipped with a Graf/Hauptman solar/Saline actuator that allows the driver to create hydrogen fuel from any fresh, brackish or salt water source, thus reducing the need to transport bulky and dangerous fuel supplies.

Depending on its use, multi-function displays, vehicle status computers and G-rated impact seats are among the many customizable interior features AMG can install at the factory.

All Warthogs are coated with a programmable nano-prismatic paint to refract colour at any chromacity depending on the vehicle’s destination. A security bit was designed to prevent people from tinkering with the finish.

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