My virtual Z34

A couple weeks ago, I got to drive the real deal in the Nevada desert near Las Vegas. This week, I took the new 2009 Nissan 370Z for a virtual rip in Need For Speed Undercover for the Xbox 360.

They don’t drive the same at all, but they nailed the exhaust note and car design. Even better is that any car in this free-roaming chase-and-race game can be customized infinitely with aftermarket parts you can buy in the game.

Here’s a few screenies I took while in the game and uploaded to Beware: the first two are possible spoilers, but you are a Z fan aren’t you? I’m trying out a new Lightbox 2 WordPress plugin and still searching for more time to devote to working on this site.

Today is somewhat of a snow day where I live. Enough talk…

Cheers over the holidays people!