My FM3 JDM Shining Monkey Lancer Evo 10 GSR

Forza Motorsport 3 is out for Xbox 360 and I’ve finally had some time to sink my teeth into it a bit. The short is this game tops the racing sim market. I played Sony’s Gran Turismo Prologue and FM3 delivers a closer-to-life driving experience. My reasons are plentiful, but the biggest difference might well be the virtual tire physics that developer Turn 10 Studios has built in to the game. Using either a standard controller or the MS wireless racing wheel do you get a sense of tires touching the road.

The breadth and scope of this game is what auto enthusiasts slash racing gamers have been waiting for. More on that (the long) later.

I’ve assembled a few quick photos of my first original car design in FM3. The game supplies a limited set of graphics to use, so I had to create all of the graphics, stickers, logos, etc. myself in-game using the livery editor. A full photo shoot of my virtual JDM Shining Monkey Lancer Evo 10 GSR is coming soon. For now, it’s a work in progress.